about us

We are a leading Intellectually Property (IP) end-to-end solutions provider helping organizations around the world secure, manage and monetize their IP assets. We cater to a global clientele that includes “Fortune” listed corporations, law firms, SMEs, start-ups and VCs. Founded in 2010, Hourglass Research aims to help customers gain a competitive advantage by leveraging their IP opportunities. With offices strategically located in Silicon Valley, California, and in India, we have been ensuring customer delight by leveraging on value and time zone advantages.

Like the neck of the hourglass, the “Hourglass” model of Research starts with a broad spectrum for research, focuses in on the required information through the methodology of the project, and then expands the research in the form of discussion and results.

Quality and Trust are two of our core values, and we constantly strive for the satisfaction of our clients and our people. Hourglass Culture believes in continuous improvement and constant innovation which helps us stay at the leading edge of the industry.

Core Team

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  • Highest Quality
  • Flexibility and Control
  • Highly Professional Approach
  • Technical and IP Expertise
  • Quicker Turnarounds
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our skills


We have executed more than a 100 semiconductor related projects, most of them being patent applications related to memories, FPGAs, analog and digital ASICs, A2D converters, testing methods and fabrication/packaging processes. We have also conducted complex landscape analyses involving taxonomies spanning the entire semiconductors’ domain.

Electronics & Telecom

Our core expertise lies in electronics related searching, drafting and IP assets management projects, notably in the fields of display technologies, nanotechnology, mobile communications, WiMax, LTE and 4G standards, optical systems, consumer electronics, networking equipment, GPS, switches, relays, transformers, generators and robotics.

Software & Internet

With software emerging as one of the hottest fields of litigation, VC funding, and licensing, our deep understanding of software and web based technologies attracts a number of clients.Till date, we have completed 100+ invalidity searches, patent drafts and commercialization studies related to enterprise, consumer, and network software, document editors, cloud based systems, media players, social networking – the list is endless!

Medical Devices

With a perfect blend of electronics and mechanical experts, we derive deep insights into projects that deal with medical devices. We routinely draft patent applications related to vital sign monitors, thermometers, pacemakers, laboratory equipment, and defibrillators.

Mechanical & Automobiles

Our mechanical SMEs not only have solid domain knowledge, but they also keep themselves constantly updated with the cutting edge automobile and manufacturing technologies. We have conducted landscape analyses and prior art searches in clutch/gear actuation, gearshift, seating, climate-control, headrests, armrests and transmission systems.


Our mechanical team also carries a deep knowledge of energy related technologies, especially in the fields of oil and gas, and renewable/sustainable energy. We often combine our technical expertise with strong market understanding to come up with valuable insights in intelligence and commercialization matters.