Individual Innovators and SMEs

Individual inventors and SMEs contribute to a major share of innovations worldwide. To gain strategic advantage, securing IP rights for their innovation is of utmost importance. However, the cost associated with IP protection stands up as a major obstacle in the roadmap to achieving this.

We, at Hourglass Research, value your innovation! We bring with us a rich industry experience and leverage it to benefit your business to the maximum. Hourglass understands your requirements and is focused towards providing maximum IP security at optimal costs. We offer custom bundled packages to suit the needs of SMEs – patentability assessment searches, patent drafting and freedom-to-operate studies.

Contrary to popular misconceptions about patenting, we believe that writing and getting a patent granted is a child’s play. However, what matters is how valuable your patent claims are. Therefore, we follow a 360 degree approach that provides you maximum protection and results in patents that have real commercial value and enforcement potential. Your business success usually follows!

At Hourglass, we have a team of experts who are trained for drafting patent applications conforming to the rules of the USPTO, EPO and Indian Patent Offices. Collectively, we have conducted over a thousand searches and have drafted 350 patent applications.

Case Study:

A silicon valley based start-up with a breakthrough technology and great business model wanted to scale up their operations. However, due to the existence of monopolistic bigger players in the market, obtaining an edge was tough. When the company hired Hourglass to devise their IP strategy, we interviewed their innovators rigorously to identify the core technological innovation. Findings of our prior-art searches confirmed outcomes of these interviews. We drafted and filed a set of PCT applications designating the important markets. The overall process not only saved costs, but also resulted in complete IP security for the firm. They sought external funding, expanded their business and now are in talks with potential targets for out-licensing their technologies.