Law Firms

Patent litigation is often a long and expensive process for both law firms and their end clients. We see any patent litigation matter as a combination of complex legal and technical issues. Both legal and technical issues need to be clearly and concisely presented before a judge.

The expenses for law firms can be kept low in litigation matters when the case preparation for the technical aspects is handled by an expert team of technical minds at optimal costs. Hourglass Research provides the required technical support for litigation that is at par with that of a law firm’s. Expert patent attorneys can do the value addition on Hourglass work product by handling the legal aspects, thereby creating a solid case with optimal expenses. The advantages of such arrangements are multi-folds – a superior and value added work product, saving of an attorney’s time, controlled expenses, higher end-client satisfaction, higher profit margins and repeat business for the law firm.

We have successful assisted many law firms in a number of litigation cases in the fields of semiconductors, electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, web-based technologies and software; with a wide range of litigation support services, such as infringement analysis, validity and invalidity searches, file history analysis, freedom-to-operate analysis, claim charts and evidence-of-usage charts.

Case Study:

One of the major intellectual property law firms with offices worldwide avails Hourglass Services related to litigation support regularly. Hourglass technical team performs end-to-end document discovery electronically and remotely, combining it with patent invalidation and claim charting as required. We treat discoveries and invalidations as challenges and therefore, always deliver the best results. From our experience of working with this firm for the past year and a half, the law firm enjoys about 35%-55% cost savings without any compromise on the quality in the litigation matter – this has translated into a great satisfaction for the law firm and their end clients.