We offer the following main IP management services:

Patent Portfolio Analyses and Competitive Intelligence

A patent portfolio is a collection of all patents owned by an organization. Portfolio analysis provides an in-depth qualitative analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and relative values of the patents in a patent portfolio, both collectively and individually.It also provides a comparison of a patent portfolio with that of a competitor. Hourglass conducts in-depth portfolio analyses and derives valuable insights. We also use a proprietary scoring system that takes into account a variety of factors to come up with the most valuable patents in the portfolio.

We have developed unique ways of tracking your competitors through their IP activities. We mine the competitor data on a periodic basis; conduct thorough analyses of the strengths, weaknesses, and future intentions of your competitors, and help you obtain an edge over the competition!

Patent & Technology Landscape Studies

A Patent Landscape Search is a comprehensive search for patents in a given technical domain. A methodical approach adopted at Hourglass provides a complete picture of patent landscape, categorization of patents in technology taxonomy, a searchable database of these patents and a number of insights through graphs and charts. Hourglass can help you make important strategic decisions through IP management.

One of the most sought after services for R&D departments of big corporations and research institutions is White Space Analysis. A complete patent landscape in a particular technology domain gives an idea about ‘white spaces’ or gaps in patenting activity where further research can be focused. Hourglass makes detailed recommendations clubbed with solid market & feasibility research for steering your R&D strategy.

Management of large patent portfolios is often a cumbersome task. The proprietary techniques developed by Hourglass analysts consider a number of objective and subjective parameters for methodically ranking a given set of patents.

Patent Watch / R&D alerts

Developments in Research and Developments in a particular field can be tracked by a number of ways. Our clients often include R&D folks and researchers for whom it is often a cumbersome task to search through hundreds of research papers published every day. Trained searchers at Hourglass run a number of strategic searches that yield highly relevant results. Further, we manually read through these results in order to provide the most relevant and precise R&D alerts.

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