Validity and Invalidity Searches

Validity (or in some cases invalidity) search is a type of prior art search performed to assess whether a patent is valid in light of patents and non-patent literature at the time the patent was filed. Professionals at Hourglass conduct thorough searches on a number of patent and relevant non-patent databases and provide a comprehensive report that provides a strong technical evidence for judging validity of a patent or invalidating a competitor’s patent.

In addition, we also perform discovery and review of the documents for litigation matters – this discovery is done remotely, with highest standards of data protection and security.

Freedom-to-Operate Searches

Freedom to Operate searches, often referred to as Clearance searches are conducted in order to assess whether a product to be marketed potentially infringes on any patent (in other words, whether there is a freedom to operate for a product) in a particular jurisdiction of interest. A thorough FTO search ensures that there are no potential legal roadblocks in selling a product. Our deliverables include a comprehensive list of potentially harmful patents and mapping between the claims of these patents and the key features of the product. We also include valuable information about the legal status of the patents, especially applications that are in prosecution stage.

Claim Charts and EoU Charts

Claim Chart of a patent is a detailed analysis of the patents claims and their mapping with the features of an infringing product or with elements of other patent. Claim charts provide the technical evidence required to strengthen your litigation or patent licensing activities. Evidence of Usage (EoU) charts are similar to claim charts. They are used to achieve multiple objectives, including alteration of claims of a patent application in light of existing products. We, at Hourglass Research, can help you identify the most relevant products, their overlap, and their revenues; and map them on to your patent methodically.

Technology Commercialization

Technology and IP commercialization support is one of the core competencies of the Hourglass team. We work on identifying, developing and commercializing intellectual property in a wide spectrum of domains for inventors, Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs), Research Universities, Venture Capitalists, and Private Equity firms. We help you maximize the value of your intellectual assets by evaluating various options such as out-licensing, start-up formation, joint ventures, selling the IP rights, acquisitions, and so forth.

We perform thorough research on companies, which aids your strategic commercialization decisions. The target identification process is often based on business strategic research encompassing several filtering criteria such as IP, company sizes, revenues, profits, business models, industry and regional growth prospects, synergies, etc. These recommendations are aligned with the business strategy of the client and companies are shortlisted based on these factors. We provide a comprehensive report in order to help our clients make correct decisions.

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