Patentability Assessment Searches

A novelty or patentability searchis the first element in the value chain of the patents. It is often conducted by inventors or patent attorneys to assess whether an invention is novel when compared with what exists in the art.Hourglass professional patent searchers blend a number of search strategies to runtargeted searches on patent and non-patent databases to provide closest prior art along with a patentability opinion. We also provide well- documented search strategies for accelerated examination searches.

 Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is not just a science, it is an art. We, at Hourglass, have an experience of drafting more than 350 patent applications that have been filed at the USPTO, WIPO, EPO, and Indian Patent Office. While drafting the claims, we not only focus at getting them granted, but give an enormous thought about the commercial value of your invention. We write valuable claims from an infringement point of view, which have some real commercialization potential.

We also assist law firms and attorneys in preparing an office action responses and defensive disclosures.

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